In using Superfrp™ FRP grating, the principle is similar to that of metal grating, but the flexural modulus of elasticity of reinforced fiberglass bars is lower than that of steel. As a result, the allowable deflection has to be taken into consideration. The style of installation for Superfrp™ FRP grating can be classified as secure installation, standard installation and 1% deflect installation.

Fixed Installation: Deflection : Span =1:180
Standard Installation: Deflection : Span =1:120
1% deflection installation: Deflection : Span =1:100

The data of load capacity provided by us comes from testing on the basis of 1% deflection, it is also the heaviest load suggested by us. The data, which is on the basis of secure installation or standard installation, can be calculated as per the following formula and the load data on the basis of 1% deflection.

Deflection of Grating = (Actual Load / Load on the basis of 1% deflection) * 1% deflection.
Unknown Load = (Known Span2 / Span2 of Unknown Load) * Load of Known Span
Deflection of Covered Grating = Deflection of Grating * High3 of Grating / (High of Grating + High of Covered plate)3

The above formula are based on experience, the result may not completely accurate, but it can be used as refernece. Actual loading is heavier than the calculation.

Tools of Installation:

Superfrp™ FRP grating can be cut at work-site by china disc or emery disc, even the normal saw can be used. It is suggested that to use water when cutting to avoid dusty. Meanwhile other safety measures should be taken, such as gloves, protect glass and gauze mask etc. should be put on.

Support and Connect:

All sides of Superfrp™ FRP grating should have support, and the support should be at least 40mm width. The clip must be used in the middle of 900~1800mm. Minimum four clips per side is required for full size panels. Support has to be used under the joint of two grating products.“M” and “L” clips are used as connector between grating and framework. “C” clip connects two pieces grating. Clips are sold as sets consisting of clip, bolt, nut and washers. They are all made from stainless steel.

If the FRP grating should be installed highly, we can supply the grating legs.

Specially designed legs for 1-1/2" deep, 1.5" 1.5"square mesh molded grating are manufactured to provide sturdy support for elevated flooring. All fixed-height and adjustable legs support flooring for heights up to 60 inches. (Cross bracing is required for flooring elevated more than 24 inches.)


A:FIXED-HEIGHT LEGS /SINGLE HEAD - For supporting grating up to 60" above level concrete floor.

B:FIXED-HEIGHT LEGS /DOUBLE HEADS - For connecting adjoining panels.

C:ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT MINI LEGS - For raising grating 2-3/4" to 9" above uneven concrete floor.

D:ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT LEGS /SINGLE HEAD - For uneven floors designed to be screw-adjusted from atop the elevated floor.

E:ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT LEGS /DOUBLE HEADS - For joining and supporting panels above non-level concrete floor.

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